Abrazos Army Alliance (AAA) are salsabotage street souljahs and radical rhyme revolú-tionaries that advocate for artonomy by (m)any means necessary and believe that we are all the arms we need! 

With a re-invigorated riddim resistance and a new aesthetic artonomy movement in full effect, will also come a fresh feeling of freedom and a need to self-express towards self determination and cultural decolonization without hindrance or hi(gh)-jacking.

This means no conditions/rules/laws/con-trolls/con-tracts and corporate co-optation of our creative communities and inside our insubordinate image-i-nations.

If you would like to create an Abrazos Army Alliance (AAA) chapter in your 'hood/barrio/favela/city/suburb/school/Squat, and help us have a fiesta for your right to fight, write us here (and we will send you some free tools/weapons of mass instruction/percussion) so you can begin to build (and destroy) together/junto with the AAA!.... 

Arte Y Libertad!

 Prophet & Abrazos Army

To start an AAA chapter write us here: Abrazos Army Alliance (AAA)